The future of racing in New Jersey is going to depend on the future of gaming at our racetracks.  Without the addition of income from slots, sports betting and other forms of gaming, New Jersey’s preeminence in the world of harness racing is in jeopardy.

· Mark Ford our SBOANJ president and Trotpac trustees along with chairman Anthony Perretti met with legistlators to make the case for passage of legislation for expansion of gaming to North Jersey, which has been approved and will be on the November 8 ballot.

· SBOANJ became party to a federal lawsuit to reverse the prohibition against sports betting.

· When the referendum passes on November 8, we will be constitutionally guaranteed to be in any future enabling legislatiion to support the horse racing industry.

· Farms and green acres are in jeopardy if the health of racing in New Jersey declines any further.  We recently have seen the closure of Perretti Farms, one of the largest standardbred breeding farms in the state, and Showplace Farm, one of the largest training facilities in the state.

· Any hardship racetrack slots might cause to Atlantic City’s casinos has already begun through the racinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.  The casinos could be partners with the New Jersey tracks and benefit from their success.

· Racinos in adjacent states are siphoning off gambling dollars from New Jersey.

· Racing interests, both standardbred and thoroughbred, are united in this mission.

· We need to gain the support of a majority of state senators and assembly people as well as the governor’s office if we are to succeed. But it will take funding to tell our story and make our case both directly to legislators and through the mass media.

You can INVEST in racing’s future in New Jersey through your support of TrotPac, the official New Jersey standardbred horse industry’s political action committee.


Anthony Perretti, Chair
Robert Boni
Richard Meirs, VMD
Mark Mullen
Al Ochsner
Tom Pontone
Chris Ryder
Siroun (Sue) Agopian